Blood & Dirt Releases Soon!

Blood & Dirt 02 -Ebook FinalIt’s been a long time coming (because it took months longer to finish than I had originally planned), but the digital version of my new Russ Morgan mystery Blood & Dirt is scheduled for release from Wilde City Press on August 19th! The print version will follow within days. I’m happy to say it will include Enigma, the first Russ Morgan story, which was too short to have a print run of its own.

I’m thrilled it will be out in time for UK Meet 2015 in Bristol. Thanks to Wilde City Press, I’ll have print copies there to flog. Um, I mean, sign.

I’m also grateful that readers spoke up about Enigma, which I envisioned as a one-off story, never imagining that Russ might have more stories to tell. Sometimes the author really is the last to know that a story might be the beginning of a series.

I like Russ a lot, too — and only partly because we share the similarities of being a Colorado native with psychic sensitivites and long-term sobriety. So thank you, readers, for saying you wanted more of him!


10 thoughts on “Blood & Dirt Releases Soon!

  1. Fabulous! Please maybe a little jog on FB when it’s available? I do want to get a copy.
    Congrats on another good one!

  2. Both “Enigma” and “Blood & Dirt” absolutely amazing. I had the chance to read both for review for “The Novel Approach”. I love the way you took the music and lyrics of “Enigma” and built James Richardson’s character. I liked the music so much I bought the album.
    Russ is a great character, I like that you don’t abuse his abilities and he stays with his process before he makes any claims.
    Colin is such a warm character, he’s going to be Russ’s rock!

    Will Heath Baker be back? I sort of disliked him but there’s something about him, don’t know what it is.

    Thank you for letting me read two great stories!

    1. Maryann, thank you so much for taking a chance on these stories! I’m thrilled you enjoyed them so. Yes, Colin and Russ have a powerful adventure before them.

      Funny you should mention about Heath. I’m certain we haven’t seen the last of him. He may not always be likeable, but he’s an honest, smart, tough policeman. Personal confession — that album, Cross of Changes, was really important to me in my coming out in 1994.

      Again, thanks for taking the time to read and review. I really appreciate it.

    2. Oh. And I think one of the reasons Heath sticks as a character is that he’s a realist. He doesn’t flinch from his personal realities, or try to make them more than they are, and he does the same with his police work.

      1. Well, just make sure Heath finds his own man!!!! Ha! I did feel for him being alone and all.

        I just have this thing about books and music. If there’s any mention of lyrics and music, if I don’t know it, I stop and check it out. I have found some really great music that way. Out of all the books I’ve done this with “Enigma” is the best.

        Do you think you would ever put these on Audio?

        1. Now that’s an interesting suggestion — a side story that focused on Heath. I hadn’t thought of that! Thanks. As soon as I saw your suggestion I thought, “hmm, Gunnison River flooding, paramedic”. That could work really well.

          I know what you mean about music. I feel the same way. I’d love to have these on audiobook, but that’s up to Wilde City Press — they hold those rights. Let’s see what happens!

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