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Found this stone art depiction of Kokopelli, and will add it to my list of post graphics. I love the power of it — the music, the joyful dancing, the unabashed creativity. And a warm welcome to my new blog and website to you! Please take a look around, enjoy the free reads, and the updates that will come once or twice a week. I’m just in transition headed back to Florida with a stop next week in Seattle for Story Masters, a writers’ workshop put on by Christopher Vogler, Jay Bell and Donald Maass. I haven’t heard any of them present in person before, so I’m really looking forward to it ...
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Happy New 26,000 Year Cycle!

Happy new 26,000 year cycle, everyone! And in case you haven’t noticed, the world didn’t come to an end yesterday! The Mayan calendar never said this would be the end of the world. It said this would be the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. The solstice is my big holiday during this season, and this year it was an especially powerful one for me. I can’t remember the last time I moved into the new year feeling so enthusiastic. I feel the new year’s promise pushing to be realized, in spite of the violence and madness around us, the avarice and aggression — the venal arrogance that seems rampant. I say there’s something else, something beautiful, on the move as well, and while these may be unstable times, they can also be creative times. Ultimately, I believe we are responsible for our own behavior, and that it is our only gift to the world. Please — be courageous. Plant the seeds of kindness, generosity, respect, empathy and sanity wherever you can, even in unfriendly soil. And may your new year be filled with creativity, wonder, blessings, love, health and happiness! ...
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The Next Big Thing

My author friend Rick Reed tagged me as the next author to post in a series in which each of us shares answers to a a set of questions about our current writing project. So here are mine… hope you find the ideas intriguing! What is the working title of your book? The Companion What genre does your book fall under? I wish I knew. It’s a metaphysical gay mystery about death and love. What shelf does that belong on? New Age? Romance? Mystery? I have no idea. Here’s the story idea—you decide: Shepherd Bucknam inherited more money than he’ll ever spend, so he doesn’t need a job. He’s handsome, smart, educated and polished. He’s also a sex worker. He takes his profession seriously, as a kind of mystical performing art, coaching repressed men into a more profound experience of their sexual selves. Violence terrifies him, and he’s haunted by dreams of violent death he’s afraid might one day be his. When his protégé is murdered, Shepherd becomes a person of interest in the investigation. Marco Fidanza is the detective assigned to the case. He’s gay and out and tough—he’s had to fight hard for everything he’s ever had. Shepherd’s metaphysical journey and the evolving relationship between Shepherd and Marco form the twin arcs of my story, but the murder investigation is what catalyzes both. Where did the idea come from for the book? I’ve heard enough stories — and had enough experience myself — about how past life patterns ...
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My first review at Jessewave

One of my goals for this year has been to read more broadly from the offerings of other authors of gay fiction, and to think critically about those stories in an effort to improve my own writing sensibilities. I just needed something to hold me to the task. To this end I’ve begun writing reviews on two really solid sites, Out in Print and Reviews by Jessewave. I’m really excited about this. My first review at Jessewave is up today, here, and my reviewer profile there went live today, too — which you can read here. I’ll be posting links to my reviews at both sites. I’d love for you to visit there, and leave comments if you’re so moved. If you’re not familiar with them, both sites offer quality reviews, and are well worth checking out regularly. There are many fine authors out there for you to enjoy! ...
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Some Dance to Remember

Besides doing a monthly review at Jessewave, I’m also doing one a month for Out in Print. My most recent, for Jack Fritscher’s Some Dance to Remember, is up today here. It’s a novel about post-Stonewall, pre-AIDS San Francisco. It’s not a particularly well-written book, but it carries an intense emotional wallop — a turbulent, personal story set in the decade when gay culture exploded out of the closet and began to invent itself in the open. That evolution was not always tidy, or even beautiful, but always powerful ...
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